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06 March 2011 Written by
The Gold ATM machine Are we getting to the End of the Gold Bull run ???? when we have Gold sold at ATM machines this Germany, Abu Dhabi and now, the United States; the Gold to Go machine, also known as the Gold ATM, is showing up worldwide. The Gold to Go machine is the brain-child of German entrepreneur, Thomas Geissler. Geissler, began testing this gold dispensing machine in his native country of Germany, back in 2009. In 2010 the Gold to Go machine made it first international appearance, when it debuted in one of Abu Dhabi's luxury hotels. By mid-2010 the Gold to Go machine arrived in the United States in Boca Raton, FL and by late 2010 in Las Vegas. The machine dispenses 1, 5 and 10 gram bars of gold; in addition to dispensing gold coins with custom design. The gold rates in the machine are updated automatically every 10 minutes, to keep current with the market values. See video(s) below

ASSOCIATED PRESS VIDEO Hotel Boasts ATM With a Golden Touch [youtube_video id="6u7NpURkw1w"] CNBC VIDEO Gold to Go Machine on CNBC [iframe src="http://media.cnbc.com/i/CNBC/components/Syndicated%20Video%20Player/videoModule.swf?id=1609660165&pcode=cnbcplayershare&play=&base=http://plus.cnbc.com/stickers/partners/cnbcplayershare/" width="100%" height="480"] Learn to trade the markets worldwide, Forex, Stocks or shares. www.trainingtraders.com/
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