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28 April 2014 Written by

Of course, there many things to understand about FX trading, but in my opinion, the most basic thing to understand is exactly what is being traded.

Just looking at it, traders are focused on trading currency pairs. The most popular pairs provide liquidity and volatility, the requirements for potential profits. But are traders really buying or selling currency pairs? The simple answer is NO.

22 April 2014 Written by

Perhaps you thought trading for a living would set you free and even allocated the time but actually never were able to master the skills required to trade day in day out!

With a Premium Signal Service, you don’t need to understand Forex or how to execute trade recommendations!

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21 April 2014 Written by

So you want to understand the stock market but believe that they are complicated and learning could be complex. At the same time you know that it could be a medium to set you financially free so definitely worth investigating. But wait another draw back, when will I find the time to learn to trade! Quite often a well positioned signalling service would seem like the answer. A signalling service is where you effectively "copy" those executed by a professional thus piggybacking on their success. While this can be very successful it is vital to understand how this operates and follow the below steps.

28 May 2013 Written by
In a Cermony in Riyadh HRH. Dr. Prince Saif Aislam Bin Saud Bin Abdelaziz … awards Mike Baghdady in recognition for his innovative work with his Price Behaviour Methodology and in training and educating traders all over the world and in the Middle East
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22 May 2013 Written by

You could feel the excitement and buzz of real “live trading competition” by hundreds of attendees at the 2013 11th MENA Forex Show in Dubai UAE who were in an authentic “live” trading floor environment at the Training Traders booth. No trading experience was required to take part and everyone had fun seeing how successful and profitable they could be trading the Price Behavior way using our proprietary software.  Training Traders set everyone up on our easy-to-use software and got them competing trading to WIN straight away in several live thirty-minute sessions each day. The trader who made the most profit in each session won an iPod or camera and the overall winner received an iPad.  Here are some of the winners’ pictures (below), who won some fabulous prizes too, courtesy of Training Traders and Top Trader, Mike Baghdady.

[metaslider id=2736]

Additionally, on Friday, April 26th, at the show, Mike Baghdady was named “Best Trading and Training Mentorship Provider” at this year's MENA 11th Forex Show.

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09 March 2013 Written by
Mike Baghdady  and ADS Securities Offers Free Arabic Technical Analysis Training Classes in FX and CFD Trading Abu Dhabi, UAE - Sunday 10th March – ADS Securities (ADSS), the Abu Dhabi based brokerage and financial services trading company, today announced that it will be offering free technical analysis training classes in FX and CFD trading in Arabic, for those interested in trading, but have limited experience of the industry. ADSS is working with specialist consultants, the highly respected trading institute, Training Traders, to offer courses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  The courses are designed for traders based in the UAE and will be led by Mike Baghdady, an award winning veteran of the global financial markets with 33 years of experience in trading and the Founder of Price Behavior Trading . At ADS Securities, we believe in the importance of education, understanding and training first for anyone who wants to engage in FX and commodities markets.  For this reason we are offering this special introductory course on analyzing data and markets for Arabic speaking beginner traders, to enable them to make the most of their trading,” The one day courses cover several topics including the common techniques used in Price Behavior Trading, identifying the high probability trades, price points, decision making price, and equally importantly identifying and quantifying risk, and insight into market psychology.  The special technical analysis courses run concurrent to other introductory and advanced courses ADSS offers to its potential and existing clients. Mike Baghdady will be conducting these courses himself .The first course will be held on Tuesday the 12th of March in Dubai at the Ritz Carlton, in the DIFC, and the second on Wednesday the 13th March at ADS Securities’ offices in Abu Dhabi.  Those wishing to register can do so on ADSS’ website: http://www.ads-securities.com/en/professional-clients/training-academy, via email prime@ads-securities.com or by calling +971 2 657 9777.
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23 January 2013 Written by
an begin 2013 with more confidence than last year but it is up to governments to carry the bloc forward with reforms while the European Central Bank delivers stable prices, ECB President Mario Draghi said on Tuesday. Draghi's pledge in July last year to do "whatever it takes" to preserve the euro and his follow-up plan for a new ECB bond-purchase programme helped bring the euro zone back from the brink of break-up. In a new year's speech, the central bank chief highlighted the impact the bond plan - dubbed Outright Monetary Transactions (OMT) - has had on easing tensions but put the onus on governments to press ahead with reforms to retain confidence in the bloc. The commitment shown by policymakers in the 17-country bloc last year to securing a stable euro meant that "the darkest clouds over the euro area subsided" in 2012, Draghi said. "We begin 2013 with more confidence than we had in January one year ago," the Italian told the Frankfurt Chambers of Commerce in his speech, adding quickly that the ECB was focusing on its core task of delivering stable prices. "This confidence is to a large extent built on the progress that all of us - governments, parliaments, the EU and the ECB - have been able to make during 2012," he said. "But it is also crucially built on the expectation that progress will persist." "The ECB for its part will be there to continue, as it has done successfully now for 14 years, to safeguard price stability," he said, adding that there were no signs of the central bank deviating from delivering stable prices. The ECB had shown its commitment to doing what is necessary - within its mandate - to safeguard the stability of the euro, Draghi said, adding: "Only a currency whose future existence is not in doubt can be a stable currency." Draghi acknowledged that the reform paths many euro zone countries are pursuing is difficult. "But there is simply no alternative to the path of reform," he said. "Despite the good progress so far showing that adjustment is happening, reform efforts need to be sustained ... Countries need competitiveness to sustain growth." Governments should not ease off their reform drive, he said: "Relative calm in financial markets should not lead to a lowering of our ambitions to fix the structural flaws in the governance framework of the euro area."
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18 January 2013 Written by
  Join Mike Baghdady's 10 Annual Market Outlook for 2013 For over 35 years, Mike has been providing technical analysis focused on the US equity markets, and the US dollar and the currency markets to traders who use his analysis to plan their trades. Now you can listen as Mike provides a longer-term context for his analysis, and have an opportunity to quiz Mike on his tools , techniques and outlook. In this webinar, Mike offers: • A review of the technical analysis tools he uses to make his trading decisions; • An outlook of where he expects the US equity indexes to be trading in 2013 (will the bull run continue?); • An analysis of where the U.S. dollar is likely to be trading and how this will affect overall currency markets;   http://www.trainingtraders.com/2013-annual-otp
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