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Our Company

Trade stocks... Trade Forex... Trade Futures...

Training Traders is a company created out of the desire to turn decades of trading experience into a centre for effective learning through both online and in-house training programmes.

Major financial institutions have us train their professional traders to help them trade more profitably. Now, we can provide you with the same rules, techniques and software that they use based on our Price Behaviour Trading Methodology. Training Traders is the only company that offers training in these Price Behaviour trading techniques.

If you are seeking a trading system for day trading, long term or position trading, the Price Behavior trading system and trading software will take your trading to the next level. The Price Behavior methodology works effectively across financial instruments and markets. This means you can use it profitably in stock trading, currency trading or futures trading.

Trading Traders was built around the talents and experience of Mike Baghdady and born from his passion to share the truths about trading. Mike is a 35 year veteran of the financial markets and is considered to be the world’s foremost expert on "Price Behaviour". He has built a team of experienced traders around him from the professional domain who are dedicated to spreading their real trading knowledge to others.

The unique Trading Software System used by Training Traders and offered to our customers has been built around a 'set of rules' based on the vast accumulation of market knowledge gained by Mike Baghdady. This distilled knowledge is unique in that it is an open box rules based system that can be taught and easily followed giving all traders that use it an edge rather than relying on the more traditional indicators used and taught elsewhere which are often interpretive in nature.

Training Traders has an impressive client list (just take a look at the logo’s on the home page) which give an indication of the high esteem in which Mike Baghdady’s work is regarded.

This same trading methodology and tools that has been made available to them is now available to you. This means you can learn and apply the same information, systems and methods that the Professionals use.

Training Traders believes in, and has dedicated its future to the success of its clients.

Put simply – “Our success is your success.” Our aim is to give you a Real Trading Edge through delivering our unique Trading Method and rules and then helping you to use them.

It does not matter what you wish to trade, our style of training, and the rules we give, allow you to trade any asset class you wish. Our method and system of trading has passed the test of time and is designed to take emotion out of trading decisions.

It does not matter if you are a beginner, an experienced trader or a professional trader, join us at Training Traders to get the Trading Edge.

We will give you a skill for life.