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Professional Trading Room (Code: PTR)

Online Trade Shadowing (per month)
Price: $ 99.00

This an invite only service where Mike Baghdady and professional traders trained by Mike plan the days trades that are taken on his personal and investors funds.

This is an opportunity to shadow the trades made but is restricted in numbers. This is a professional trading room and focus is paramount. Please email info@trainingtraders.com to be considered.

Typically the room opens at 700 GMT with a pre London Open discussion on what has happened in the Asian session over night, opportunities for the upcoming session are planned and executed as they occur.

Professional traders are on hand throughout the day giving commentary on what they are doing and taking and are able to offer some support (However, as this is a live trading room support can be limited depending on the nature of the markets). The true learning occurs in the listening and shadowing the trades being taken.

The pre New York session discussion starts at 1300 GMT where the NY session is discussed, opportunities are identified, planned and executed as they occur.

Typically the room closes around 1700 GMT.

To be considered for the Professional Trading Room you must have completed one of Mike Baghdady’s Courses, hold a lifetime license to either the Day Trading or Wealth Generation software, be actively trading and pass a phone interview.

Want to know more?

Call us on +44 203 405 1000 or email us on info@trainingtraders.com

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