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Elite Forex Service (Code: TTSS1)

Signaling Service
Price: $ 99.00

Never Miss a Winning Trade!

Training Traders Elite Forex Signaling Service allows you to mirror REAL TIME TRADES by award winning Master Trader -
Mike Baghdady

How it works


It’s your life
It’s your time
You do…whatever.   

Stop spending so many hours looking for Forex trades. You don’t need to keep checking your charts or worry about upcoming news announcements; that’s our job.


We monitor the market.

In real-time we notify you when to trade.

Wherever you are; receive instant Forex signal notifications on your mobile phone in real-time whenever we identify a Forex trade.


Follow along and place trades.

Our signals tell you when to BUY and SELL.

After you receive a Forex signal, place the trade with your broker. We will update you as the trade progresses.


Step 1:

Choose the payment plan
Step 2: Complete the registration form
Step 3: Receive signals via email



 1 Month

3 Months

6 Months


Pair symbol  check check check check
Direction of the trade (long or short) check check check check
Exact Entry point taken check check check check
Initial Stop loss point check check check check
2nd email confirming closed position check check check check
Signals emailed daily check check check check
  $99.00 $237.60 $415.80 $712.80
  • These are the actual trade signals that are being taken by Mike Baghdady on his own live account using real money!
  • Once open, a 2nd email will be sent confirming when Mike Baghdady has closed the position.
  • This gives you the chance to trade like a 35+ year veteran floor trader without spending 35 years to learn it.
  • You can learn to trade by shadowing a real trader who does this for a living.
  • You do not need to sit in front of your computer all day waiting for the trades

You don’t even need to understand FOREX to make money in FOREX!

Let Mike Baghdady do it for you!

Honestly, if you don’t take advantage of this opportunity, you are trading for other reasons than making money. And that’s fine. But why not try the Training traders Signaling Service for the

As Training Traders uses its acclaimed proprietary trading software, trades are made 24/5. You choose the trades you want to make and execute through your broker.

Take it for a test drive and see the results for yourself. You have nothing to lose except an exceptional opportunity.

To gain access to this service all you need to do is choose your payment plan, fill in the registration form and wait for the signals to be delivered to your inbox!

“I look forward to taking the journey with you to success, from my trading desk to yours.”

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