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Wealth Generation Software (Code: LTTS)

Trading Software (Lifetime License)
Price: $ 9,997.00

This rules based software is designed specifically for the longer term trader.

It is the brain child of Mike Baghdady and based on his 35+ years of experience as a professional trader in a multitude of markets. And is perfect for the trader that has other commitments and cannot or does not want to sit in front of the computer for long portions of the day.

One of the many things that sets it sets the Wealth Generation software apart is the fact that it is an open box system that displays onscreen rules for entries and exits. This means you learn and reinforce the rules as you trade.

The Wealth Generation software has been designed specifically to help develop confidence and consistency with the option for full automation!

The trading screen setup is clear and uncluttered reinforcing the point that price behavior is paramount and in fact the most important indicator there is.

The Wealth Generation software can be applied to any time frame that is desired as can be seen in the following examples including 1 Hour, 4 Hour, 1 Day and 1 Week charts.

Included in this package is the

  • 5-day Day Wealth Generation course normally $997.00
  • and a lifetime license to Multicharts which will normally cost $1,497.00


4-hour forex chart

(Above) The Wealth Generation software applied to a 4 hour Forex chart


Daily Forex chart

(Above) The Wealth Generation software applied to a Daily Forex chart


1 hour chart 

(Above) The Wealth Generation software can be equally applied to any other instruments including this Wall St 30, 1 hour chart 


Silver 1 hour chart 

(Above) this Silver, 1 hour chart


4-hour Gold chart

(Above) and this Gold, 4 hour chart


4-hour gold chart

The scanner shows you which positions have been entered, the taken positions long or short entry price and current price allowing you to track all of your positions at a glance.

This truly is an all in one trading system designed specifically to help traders follow rules, develop confidence, consistency and profitability over the longer term needing less time

Want to know more?

Call us on +44 203 405 1000 or email us on info@trainingtraders.com

Installation Manual Download
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