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SKY NEWS: Mike Baghdady Discusses UBS Rogue Trades
Mike Baghdady Discusses
UBS Rogue Trades
SKY NEWS: Mike Baghdady Stock Trading Interview
Mike Baghdady Stock Trading
SKY NEWS: The Apprentice - Stock Market Traders - Training Live
The Apprentice - Stock Market Traders -
Training Live
CNN: Mike Baghdady Live Interview Turtle Trader Program
Mike Baghdady Live Interview
Turtle Trader Program
CNBC:  New Turtle Traders Official Launch
New Turtle Traders
Official Launch
WINNER OF The World of Trading Competition
The World of Trading

The world awaits the list of reforms that the Tsipras government is to put before the “troika” by the close of trading in Europe later today. We’ve truly no idea what reforms Mr. Tsipras shall put forward, but we have no doubt that in the end they will be less than that what the Germans want the Greek government to do and they will almost certainly be disappointing.

Last week, the World’s largest democracy successfully concluded a week long voting process. One of the “promises” made by the new government was to reduce restrictions on Gold. As a matter of culture and lack of faith in banks, a large percentage of the over 1 billion Indian population prefer to put a good portion of their savings into gold jewelry. Indeed, India consumes 25% of the World gold production.

Central Bank Currency Swaps: A threat to FOREX Traders?

Allow me to introduce you to perhaps the real financial puppet master, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS). Now, if this name is not familiar to you, that’s only because they want it that way. Originally founded in 1930 by post World War I victorious nations, the bank was originally meant to manage the war reparations that Germany had to pay; thus the name, “Bank of International Settlements.”

There are 3 market conditions in the free Market that affects price action trading.

  1. Trending Market
  2. Sideways Market/ consolidation
  3. Reversal Market.
Training Traders Client Testimonials page
At Training Traders we have the very best Training, Strategies and Systems available to help you become consistently profitable!



[bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#000" border="3px solid #ccc" author="Aziz A. Cairo, Egypt November 2013"]

you are an excellent trainer
I've decided to write you a small note, thanking you for the course. I enjoyed being taught by you immensely; you are an excellent trainer and have inspired all of us. I appreciate all your hard work, it’s meant so much to me.


[bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="C.V. - London U.K. , October, 2013"]

I only wish I had found you guys years ago
Firstly I would like to say it is abundantly clear to me the passion Mike has for sharing his knowledge I have rarely seen a trainer with such a commitment to the teaching process and his learners (I feel pretty qualified to say this as I train trainers and coaches so have seen quite a few in a range of disciplines) and, have spent a considerable amount of time and money trying to learn to trade.

By far the content of his course makes the most sense to me as there is an explanation as to why price moves the way it moves. I admire very much his dedication and indeed. I really enjoyed the course and as mentioned Mike’s passion, enthusiasm and commitment shone I found it refreshing that Mike is who he is and is not like many other trading trainers I have seen who project a persona. I only wish I had found you guys years ago. The amount of times I have heard people say follow the price action and never explain what this means is ridiculous.

A totally no nonsense clear explanation of the movements of markets delivered by a passionate knowledgeable trading professional with a total commitment to teaching others backed up with a great system and ongoing support which I have never seen anywhere else. I wish I had found you guys first. Mike you are indeed the Daddy. If you would like me to speak to anybody who is thinking about taking a training course with you guys and is not quite sure, I am more than happy to.


[bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="William C. USA – October, 2013"]

Thank you for your help in getting me enrolled
This has been the very best training i have ever received on my whole life. Mike is a superior teacher with-heart felt purpose and rock solid ability. Thank you for your help in getting me enrolled. I could have made the mistake again of interpreting things myself. I didn't thanks to your guidance.


[bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="Catalin G. – Romania, October 2013"]

I'm tired of indicators and all the complex patterns and bla bla
I want to thank you for your implication in educating traders with a passion and patience I have not found at any other coach I have studied until now. I am trading in a demo account for 18 months after I lost some real money thinking at that moment that trading is simple. I quit my IT consultant and programmer career after nine years of hard work at a high level because I discovered my passion for trading. Since then it’s a wonderful journey for me even though I try hard to find my way of trading.

I read many books (from Mark Douglas, Alexander Elder, Brett Steenbarger to Steve Nison) and I attended a lot of webinars until one month ago when by accident a friend told me about You. Since then I have studied (not simple watching) your FX Street webinars and your 'Price Behavior' free course, read your articles and I can say that I really love the simplicity, no ambiguity and no subjectivity of your methodology (I'm tired of indicators and all the complex patterns and bla bla I tested for 18 months).

For this reason I started to apply your way of trading since November and for the moment I feel like my trading is getting better and better. However I know very well that to acquire a high level of performance I need a hand handling mentor. Because right now I cannot afford to spend money on mentorship or paid webinars/courses I will be very glad if from time to time you‘ll permit me to join you in your weekly Online Trade Planning sessions.

I wish you and your turtles all the best and a happy and profitable new year.


[bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="Anne G., Belgium - September, 2013"]

I have finally found the right person to mentor my trading
I had an incredible week on the course with Mike. I believe that I have finally found the right person to mentor my trading. I decided catch up with all my work at home and at the office, to have a free mind to jump into the live trading next week. I am extremely happy and thankful to be a member of Training Traders!


[bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="Omar - September 2013"]

Even if he charges $10,000 it would be worth it
My name is Omar ... I am one of the people who attended the Arabic course with Mr. Mike Baghdady to learn to trade forex and the financial markets. It’s a really and truly an invaluable course. Even if he charges $10,000 it would be worth it ,... I advise anyone interested in trading to take it ... it gives profit and minimize losses. My advice to every trader is to take this course!


[bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="Joe P. - September, 2013"]

No matter what anyone says, your method works
Just wanted to let you know that as one of your former turtles I have applied 80% of your methodology to my trading of the currency and commodities market over the last 12 months and netted a return on capital of 85.25% . I did it without taking more than 1% risk on anyone trade, keeping total exposure to less than 10% of the account size and I did it on a horribly small account meaning I had to be extremely selective on the opportunities I traded in terms of staying within 1N (sometimes I would stretch to 2N for good ones). No matter what anyone says, your method works, and better yet, I’m training an apprentice and that guy is already making profits on the AUD weakness after only really getting started about 4 months ago. So, never lose site of the fact that you have a winning methodology that when applied with discipline and in the spirit it was intended, bloody works. Stay well and remember that most of the trading industry doesn’t want to hear what you teach, because it exposes some fundamental realities about not being able to predict the future, asymmetrical risk profiles and proper money management.


PS: the more I apply this methodology and the more exposure I have to explaining it to my apprentice I realize just how difficult I must have been as a student of yours :-) This guy had no background in trading at all, and absorbs pretty much everything I teach him as gospel, in comparison I must have been a right pain the #@! I had all these misconceptions and flawed approaches to the market... thank you for your patience.


[bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="Boris Klein - September 2013"]

I had an amazing experience
I had an amazing experience taking the training course with Mike Baghdady. He's long trading experience provides a unique vision of the market and teaches a completely different approach to understand it. Now I'm beginning trading, and I expect a successful outcome


[bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="Shafiul Alam - 2013 - London"]

a genuine edge in trading
The Day Trading Course from Training Traders helped me a lot with my trading because it gave me a genuine edge in trading and the Training Traders software is truly amazing. The software pinpoints for me the optimum entry and exit points. The course is a complete package for successful trading.


[bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="Edward O. - June 2013"]

fascinated by the simplicity and the genuineness
I took the short term 5 days training course in June 2013 and I was fascinated by the simplicity and the genuineness of the course. The idea of spreading the course over a five day period was extremely good for me which gave me the opportunity to digest each day's activity in preparation for the next day. l also like the idea that the course was not littered with indicators on the chart which sometimes can make things difficult to understand. The post training support is also good for beginners like me which gives me the opportunity to learn from the experienced traders.


[bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="B.E."]

I would highly recommend the course
I'm a profession FX trader working in london and I recently purchased the longer term course with the Long term software. The course and software provide a frame work and a methodology that is required to be a successful trader. I would highly recommend the course I purchased, it will more than pay for itself.


[bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="R.K., Galway, Ireland"]

stop what your doing right now and sign up to next Sunday's trade planning session
I have been trading part time for over 5 years. In that time I have bought some training programs and watched just about every free resource that you can find in relation to trading forex, but nothing came close to the support and mentoring I have received from Mike Baghdady and Training Traders.

I first came across Mike Baghdady a number of years ago with a Free 4 part Price Behaviour Video Series on FX Street. From there I began to test and use the tools Mike talked about and found great success with this approach so I started to attend Training Traders weekly trade planning sessions.

The Trade Planning sessions are invaluable...if you are inexperienced in your trading I suggest you stop what your doing right now and sign up to next Sunday's trade planning session. It will be the best investment you will make this year.

Eventually after years of evaluating Mike and Training Traders I took the plunge this year and invested in the Day Trading Course and Day Trading Software. After an intensive week of live online training the team at Training Traders set up all the necessary tools and software that I now use on a daily basis to trade profitably and successfully. The Radar screen and Strategy Experts are my favourite tools as they do much of the hard work and help you identify the best trades instantly. Each day we are in a live trading environment where you get to ask questions, place trades, pin point entry and exit prices and meet other trading professionals.

Training Traders has certainly changed the way I trade and changed the way I live. If you are serious about making money and want to give your trading an Edge, I highly recommend Training Traders. Mike Baghdady will give you all the knowledge, tools and support you need to trade like a professional.


[bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="S.A."]

a real trader with a track record
I purchased Mikes Day Trading Course, being a perfectionist I tend to do thorough research before paying for anything as I demand the best for the money that I spend. Having sampled about a dozen courses, I can confidently say that Mikes course is the only genuine one out there, the majority of the ones I came across were only interested in my money, and further when I dug deeper were planning to teach me how to use a bunch of indicators (something I can do for free of the internet).

Mike on the other hand is a real trader with a track record, there are no gimmicks or fancy tricks to what he teaches, he simply teaches you to think, assess and execute as a professional trader, on any instrument and any time frame, based on price and nothing else. Just like the pros on the floors.

In my first week of trading with mike in the mentoring room, I took 11 trades, out of which 9 were winners and 2 losers. His software gave me the confidence to pull the trigger, it gave me clearly defined entries and exits, which were based on his methodology that he teaches during the course. As they say the proof is in the pudding. I am more than happy to recommend Mike to any aspiring trader beginner through to experienced level.

Any professional in any industry has had a mentor, from boxers to chefs, trading is no different, if you want to reach your true potential you have to be taken under the wing of a legend, im glad i picked the right one.Mike is a friendly, down to earth, approachable person who does his best to insure that when he's done with you, you're trading on the right side of the market....like a pro.


Training Traders Class in Dubai

[bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="A.M., Switzerland"]

a perfect combination
Hello traders

Many years ago, i did the Day Trading Course and bought the Day Trading Software. I was impressed about the simplicity of the system and really liked the way the course was structured and [taught]. Then, I saw the Long Term software in action and bought that system and course afterwards - never ever regretted to spend the money and time for it.

Happy with both systems - a perfect combination to earn good money and get a feeling of the market and its behavior.

Recommend also the mentoring, especially at the beginning and afterwards to keep you disciplined.... great products and happy with it.

[/bubble][bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="T.B."]

I would without hesitation recommend Mike's courses
I was new to trading and found Mike's day trading course and software invaluable in learning how to trade using price behaviour. I have been doing mike's mentoring programme over the last 4 months which has taken my abitity to trade, knowledge and understanding in terms of portfolio selection, applying the rules of price behaviour and trade execution to a new level. As a result, I would without hesitation recommend Mike's courses, software and mentoring programmes to anyone who wants to learn how to trade.

[/bubble][bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="D.J."]

how to create a life long income opportunity
I took the day trading course and Mike has always explained things clearly and taken the time to show an interest in how I'm doing. His teachings have shown me how to create a life long income opportunity and the ongoing support is probably one of the most important elements.

[/bubble][bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="C.B."]

straight forward and relevant
The data tools on the Training Traders software are straight forward and relevant and once mastered the trades are great long sweeping curves! The mentoring is clear and to the point. Mike and the team are very responsive and always readily available to ask questions. Patience and practise required! Do homework or sit on your hands!

[/bubble][bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="V.M."]

one of the easiest in the market to make money
I consider your system one of the easiest in the market to make money. Just following the price action along with the Rules and the structural levels without all those fibs and loads of moving averages for anyone worried about direction removes confusion. There are many other benefits as well, having you as a mentor available daily is a huge advantage.

[/bubble][bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="E.F."]

Good school, great foundation
"Good school, great foundation and introduction to the markets. Lays the important foundation to a start of a career in trading and removes the clutter of misinformation out there"

What course did I buy-Long term with long term software mentorship.

I would recommend it.

Areas where I believe there is room for improvement-guidance. On a few occasions I asked how and why the structural pivot points were chosen and there was no explanation. There needs to be a reiteration, a repetition(habit) to certain strategies as trading is largely habit. A thorough walk thru on why certain trades are taken.

[/bubble][bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="S.D."]

The software is proving to be invaluable
Having no prior background or knowledge of trading, I am now doing both long term and day trading. This would not have been possible without Mike Baghdady's support and encouragement. Doing both the long and short term courses was an excellent foundation to learn the rules of price behaviour. The most important aspect of my gaining confidence was joining the mentoring sessions where we work as a team in taking live trades and also share our ideas and experiences. The software is proving to be invaluable as it not only gives added confidence in deciding when to enter or exit a trade, but also helps in determining optimum entry and exit points.

From initially being very apprehensive of taking up trading, I am extremely pleased to have been introduced to Mike's price action approach to trading.

[/bubble][bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="J.P."]

training and software are excellent
I bought the short term trading course.

The great thing about the course is that it teaches you how to use price itself to determine direction, entry and exit points, using the concept of market structure and significant points. This is an invaluable knowledge because it shows you how to interpret the market using the market itself. This is what gives this system robustness and consistency, because you can use the same approach on any market and any time frame.

Also, a great tool we learn is how to select the trading portfolio.

I used the short term software for a while and what the software brings is confidence and a way to keep the trader out of bad trades and keep in on good trades as long as possible.

The trading room is also very important feature because we trade beside an experienced and successful trader, who helps us to stay in the track and navigate the ever changing market. The only not so positive point is the price of the course and software.

Overall, the training and software are excellent and I would recommend it (as I already done for some friends) for other market students and even experienced traders.

Thanks a lot, Mike. Even if I am not going to the room everyday or if I am too sticky to prices, etc., I would like to thank you very much for the things I learnt from you. It changed the way I view the markets and gave me tools that I use everyday.

Wish you, sincerely, every success from now on in your life.

[/bubble][bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="S."]

Price Behaviour is a real eye opener
When i decided to learn about trading FX I did plenty of research before I made my choice. I really liked the idea of learing a strategy and then being mentored on a daliy basis to reinforce what I had learnt. Mike offered that.

The day trading course where Mike teaches Price Behaviour is a real eye opener. Being able to understand why the market behaves the way it does takes some of the fear out of trading enabling me to stay in moves far longer than before.

The day trading software also helps in identifying the entry and exit points for trades at the optimum moment. Having a software that gives you a point to buy if the market goes up and a point to sell if the market comes down helps to keep you on the right side of the market I personally cannot thank Mike enough for the time and dedication he puts into teaching me and his other students his methodology and day trading strategy. Having a mentor with such a wealth of knowledge and passion for teaching fills me with the confidence I need to trade ForEx

[/bubble][bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="D.H."]

You get more than you pay for
Recommendations are important to achieving awareness of products and also free overviews.
I bought the Long term Course. I benefited extremely from my misunderstandings of trading and this course put me on the right track to achieving success. Some trainers explains things in simple terms and spend only the allocated time required whereas Mike spends as long as it takes to make sure you understand the material and this shows his regime and good cause.

Other benefits of the course:
a) well planned step by step course.
b) Mike enjoys explaining everything over and over again, which is important to clear up any misunderstandings.
c) The rules are backed up by the software.

I would recommend this product based on only the Mentoring as this is the most important thing about the course and it’s FREE!!!

Training Traders are the only company using Price Behaviour i.e. “Trade what you see, not what you think” and I always think that with anything “you get what you pay for”, but with TT “You get more than you pay for, making it almost Free!”

[/bubble][bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="E.H."]

This course is worth every penny
The only obstacle is being aware of the products, so marketing is important.
I bought the short term course. The course was extremely beneficial to my knowledge of trading. I was impressed with the work and effort required to produce the course material.

Other benefits of the course:
a) well planned step by step course.
b) The material was relevant and accurate
c) The rules were backed up by the software.

I would recommend this product based on my experiences and Mike’s 33 years of experience. This course is worth every penny, so there is no need to go elsewhere stick with the best!

[/bubble][bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="T.C."]

The products and mentoring are of a high standard
The products and mentoring are of a high standard, and one knows quality when one comes across it. Cost is a factor but then trading is not an exercise where there is much point stinting on the tools. The software is very sophisticated.

Any investment involves both skill and experience, and the purpose of the courses and mentoring is to piggyback on Mike Baghdady's own experience and skill.

Ther mentoring room is not only useful in learning from Mike Bagdady but I find the contributions of others very interesting.

If you find my comments helpful you are welcome to make use of them.

[/bubble][bubble background="#EFEFEF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="K.A."]

One of the best pieces of kit is the software
The biggest dilemma anyone can have about the course apart from the associated cost is does the it really do what is claimed of it? In this case it certainly has met my expectations, as a day trader i did the day trading course and its has been a great experience thus far. Not a day goes by i don't learn something new, the mentoring room is one of the best places to GROW as a trader and i do mean this, Mike's guidance is by far the best bar none.

One of the best pieces of kit is the software... i would say it is one of essential pieces of software you would need to succeed and be consistent not be mention making life lot easier, the benefits of the software are far past the looks, everything we have learnt is rule based.. thus everything the software does is also rule based and in turns shows everything in graphical manner.

The software is a beautiful guide making things a lot easier as it is near impossible to do everything in your head for over 30 different currency pairs. I would say the Radar Screen would be the best feature of the software from a personal point of view and it displays a lot of information which is updated every few seconds and keep you upto date rather than having half a dozen charts open is a nice and tidy way of displaying market data all in one place for all pairs. 

If you are keen to day trade this is perfect... and with Mike's mentoring , your definitely going to be a happy bunny, but like anything in life you MUST MUST put in the effort on your end to be rewarded at the end of the day, and I would certainly recommend this to anyone keen to day trade plus their is a great community of traders to share ideas with on a daily basis.



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We suggest that for the first month you use a simulated (Demo) account. You are learning a new system and developing a new skill. It takes time. There is a large volume of information to absorb and when your confidence grows you should start trading in small amounts. When you start seeing consistency in your results you can increase your position size to reflect your risk tolerance.
This is influenced by a great number of factors and includes previous trading experience you have had, amount of chart time you put in, will power, other commitments and personality to name a few. The more time spent in front of the charts and using the Training Traders methodology the more experience you will gain and the faster you will learn. The more you do, the more you will learn. In fact, all Traders continue to learn every day. You could expect to be more consistent in around six months but you have to put the effort in and learn the key lessons taught by our Traders. Everyone is different. Some learn quicker and some slower. We have a range of learning solutions to support you through this process. If you would like to know more please go to the Products section.
Mike Baghdady does many of the training sessions himself and he predominantly does the Sunday OTP sessions. Some of the live trading room sessions are hosted by one of Mike Baghdady's expert traders.
For you to become a successful and profitable trader, you have to gain a Trading Edge. This means that you will need to plan your time to suit the type of Trading you wish to do and the around the other commitments you have. All types of Trading require you to do your homework. You have to be available for longer periods if you are short term Trading and generally less if you are trading longer time frames. If you would like help with deciding the time frame best for you please call or email us at info@trainingtraders.com or book in a session with one of our professional coaches.
This depends on you the client and your time horizon, for more information on both styles please refer to the relevant section on the site.
As our class sizes are kept to a manageable size small, our expert traders will ensure that all your questions are answered and we are available through many of the supporting products we offer.
There are many good trading books available however the point of trading cannot simply be learned from a book, it takes practice, patience and time to acquire the skills we impart at Training Traders.
At Training Traders we pride ourselves on the quality and sophistication of our products, if there are new software updates they will automatically be sent to all who have purchased the Training Traders software systems.
We recommend taking the software with the Trading Courses in order to get the full benefit of the time you put into learning to trade as they are both linked to the price behaviour methodology.
Initially, if you are just starting to trade you will begin with a demo account. As your confidence builds you can start trading with real money and you can build your capital as you progress with the learning curve. There may also be the opportunity to do an apprenticeship with Training Traders to help you build up your capital as you learn, for more information on this please see the relevant section of the website.
Yes, all of our courses are available in interactive online format for remote traders. We have clients from all over the world who just come to the site and log-on to access the full features of the Training Traders products.
If you have any other questions you would like answered you can contact one of our expert traders on +44 203 014 8928 or by email info@trainingtraders.com
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Trade stocks... Trade Forex... Trade Futures...

Training Traders is a company created out of the desire to turn decades of trading experience into a centre for effective learning through both online and in-house training programmes.

Major financial institutions have us train their professional traders to help them trade more profitably. Now, we can provide you with the same rules, techniques and software that they use based on our Price Behaviour Trading Methodology. Training Traders is the only company that offers training in these Price Behaviour trading techniques.

If you are seeking a trading system for day trading, long term or position trading, the Price Behavior trading system and trading software will take your trading to the next level. The Price Behavior methodology works effectively across financial instruments and markets. This means you can use it profitably in stock trading, currency trading or futures trading.

Trading Traders was built around the talents and experience of Mike Baghdady and born from his passion to share the truths about trading. Mike is a 35 year veteran of the financial markets and is considered to be the world’s foremost expert on "Price Behaviour". He has built a team of experienced traders around him from the professional domain who are dedicated to spreading their real trading knowledge to others.

The unique Trading Software System used by Training Traders and offered to our customers has been built around a 'set of rules' based on the vast accumulation of market knowledge gained by Mike Baghdady. This distilled knowledge is unique in that it is an open box rules based system that can be taught and easily followed giving all traders that use it an edge rather than relying on the more traditional indicators used and taught elsewhere which are often interpretive in nature.

Training Traders has an impressive client list (just take a look at the logo’s on the home page) which give an indication of the high esteem in which Mike Baghdady’s work is regarded.

This same trading methodology and tools that has been made available to them is now available to you. This means you can learn and apply the same information, systems and methods that the Professionals use.

Training Traders believes in, and has dedicated its future to the success of its clients.

Put simply – “Our success is your success.” Our aim is to give you a Real Trading Edge through delivering our unique Trading Method and rules and then helping you to use them.

It does not matter what you wish to trade, our style of training, and the rules we give, allow you to trade any asset class you wish. Our method and system of trading has passed the test of time and is designed to take emotion out of trading decisions.

It does not matter if you are a beginner, an experienced trader or a professional trader, join us at Training Traders to get the Trading Edge.

We will give you a skill for life.

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LMAX   |   About LMAX   |    Why LMAX?   |    Account Features   |    Company Profile

LMAX Exchange

Optimised, exchange quality FX execution

The unique LMAX Exchange business model addresses the fundamental changes happening within the FX market, and solves two key industry problems:

  • Lack of transparency of the true cost of OTC traded FX
  • Lack of precise, consistent & reliable FX trade execution

LMAX Exchange delivers conflict free, neutral execution and transparent cost of trade to both, the buy-side and sell-side. LMAX Exchange is not a market-maker, and unlike some ECNs, the open order book is driven by streaming, non 'last look' limit orders supplied by top tier banks and institutional liquidity providers.

LMAX Exchange - precise, consistent and reliable

  • Unparalleled execution quality - average trade latency is 4 ms more
  • Award-winning FX trading venue - recognised for excellence and innovation more
  • Pre & post-trade transparency - an open order book with no 'last look' more
  • Strict price/time priority matching - totally neutral trade matching
  • Trading anonymity - matching buyers to sellers anonymously more

LMAX Exchange - connectivity and access

LMAX Exchange supports all the FX trading strategies of both, buy-side & sell-side trading institutions through either API or manual trading.

  • Connectivity: Cross connect at Equinix LD4/5 and TY3, PoP at Interxion, Extranet and Internet more
  • Access: API (Java & .Net), FIX 4.4, Web GUI, Mobile, MT4/5 Bridges, MultiCharts

LMAX Exchange - latest statistics

LMAX Exchange is NOT quote driven. We only match client orders against streamed, no 'last look', limit orders from our liquidity providers - with all spreads set also by the market not LMAX Exchange.

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About LMAX Exchange

A unique vision for global FX trading

LMAX Exchange (London Multi Asset Exchange) is the first MTF for FX, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority - established to deliver the benefits of exchange quality execution to both buy-side & sell-side trading institutions.

Based in London, UK, LMAX Exchange is a trading name of LMAX Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Multilateral Trading Facility ("MTF"). MTF as defined in the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive ("MiFID").

LMAX Exchange - delivering exchange quality execution

The "exchange" model is an efficient and cost effective way to trade very liquid products like FX. In an industry currently driven by regulatory reforms, the LMAX Exchange vision is to deliver transparent, neutral, level playing field to all participants in the FX market.

LMAX Exchange - the solution to current FX industry challenges

The LMAX MTF structure and exchange quality execution business model provide the solutions to two key industry challenges:
Lack of transparency of the true cost of OTC traded FX

The LMAX Exchange order book is driven only by streaming limit-orders from top tier banks and proprietary trading firms, ensuring that true transaction costs are known.

Lack of precise, consistent and reliable FX trade execution

LMAX Exchange order matching is on a strict price/time priority basis with no 'last look' or rejections, providing consistent & reliable trade execution.

LMAX Exchange - institutional FX trading excellence

For broker/dealers, proprietary trading firms, corporates and institutional asset managers, the combination of LMAX Exchange unique business model with trading technology excellence, ensures full pre and post-trade transparency, precision execution and neutrality - helping optimise FX trading strategies.

LMAX Exchange - award-winning FX trading technology

LMAX Exchange trading technology has been recognised for excellence and innovation by the FX industry's most prestigious awards:

  • 2014 #1 Fastest Growing Tech Company in the UK – Sunday Times Tech Track 100 more
  • 2014 Best Margin Sector Platform – Profit & Loss Readers' Choice Awards more
  • 2014 Best FX Trading Venue – ECN/MTF – WSL Institutional Trading Awards more
  • 2014 Best Infrastructure/Technology Initiative – WSL Institutional Trading Awards more
  • 2013 #15 Fastest Growing Tech Company in the UK – Sunday Times Tech Track 100 more
  • 2013 Best Overall Testing Project – The European Software Testing Awards more
  • 2013 Best Margin Sector Platform – Profit & Loss Readers' Choice Awards more
  • 2013 Best FX Trading Venue - ECN/MTF – WSL Institutional Trading Awards more
  • 2013 Best Execution Venue – Forex Magnates Awards more
  • 2011 Best Trading System – Financial Sector Technology Awards more
  • 2011 Innovative Programming Framework – Oracle Duke's Choice Awards more

LMAX Exchange - MTF Membership

LMAX Exchange welcomes discussions with all financial institutions interested in becoming General or Broker Members of the LMAX MTF. To learn more, visit the LMAX MTF website.

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Why LMAX Exchange?

The venue where no 'last look' is standard

LMAX Exchange delivers the unique benefits of exchange quality execution, complete pre and post-trade transparency and a secure, level playing field for all FX market participants.

For Broker Dealers, proprietary trading firms, CTAs, corporates and institutional asset managers - our open order book, direct and anonymous market access and instantaneous trading on live, streaming limit-orders with no 'last look', enables precise trade execution and transparent cost of trade.

LMAX Exchange - key trading advantages

  • Pre and post-trade transparency
  • Open order book - full market depth (via FIX)
  • Strict price/time priority matching algorithm
  • Streaming FX limit-order liquidity from top tier banks and proprietary trading firms
  • No 'last look' or rejections
  • Complete trading anonymity
  • Complete range of clearing solutions

LMAX Exchange technology excellence - key statistics

  • Average trade latency is 4 ms how we measure trade latency
  • Average MTF latency is 0.5 ms how we measure MTF latency
  • Sustained processing capacity 40k orders/second

LMAX Exchange uptime learn more

  • LMAX Exchange - industry compliant for seamless integration
  • Connectivity: Cross connect at Equinix LD4/5, PoP at Interxion, Extranet and Internet
  • Access: API (Java & .Net), FIX 4.4, Web GUI, Mobile, MT4/5 Bridges, MultiCharts

LMAX Exchange - instruments

  • 67 Spot FX pairs view instrument list
  • Bullion, equity indices and commodities view instrument list
  • Volume based commission discounts available

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Account Features

The types of accounts  
Minimum deposit  
Trading hours 24 hours
Deposit methods Credit Card, Wire Transfer

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Company Profile

About LMAX

  • Year Founded: 2009
  • Headquarters: London, UK
  • Customer Service: +44 20 3192 2555
  • E-mail: Info@lmax.com
  • Website: www.lmax.com
  • Languages deal: 

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IronFX   |   About IronFX   |    Why IronFX?   |    Account Features   |    Company Profile


IronFX is the Global Leader in Online Trading, serving retail and institutional customers from over 180 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. It has over 60 offices worldwide, and more than 1,600 employees providing support in over 45 different languages. The IronFX customer-centric model combines bespoke trading functionality through its platforms with the widest suite of products to offer the best pricing, execution and liquidity.

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About IronFX

IronFX is the award-winning Global Leader in Online Trading. With 15 platforms trading over 200 instruments in forex, spot metals, stocks and futures, IronFX serves retail and institutional customers from over 180 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. With over 60 offices worldwide, and more than 1,600 employees providing support in over 45 different languages, IronFX clients can benefit from round-the-clock coverage delivered by one of the world's largest and most accomplished global client coverage teams. The IronFX customer-centric model combines bespoke trading functionality through its platforms with the widest suite of products to offer the best pricing, execution and liquidity. Daily market news feed and insightful research give clients access to the best information and data to make informed trading decisions. Evidencing the leadership of IronFX Global in the worldwide online trading arena, IronFX Global has also announced its official partnership agreement with FC Barcelona, one of the most successful professional football clubs in the world.

The Global Leader in Online Trading

IronFX Global Operations

IronFX Global complies with international regulatory standards, and is authorized and regulated by FCA, ASIC, FSB, FSP, CRFIN, UCRFIN and CySEC. The company is a member of the Eurex Exchange and is also an EU regulated and MiFID compliant firm.

  • IronFX Global UK Limited is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (formerly the FSA) under Registration No 585561.
  • IronFX Global (Australia) Pty Ltd is authorized and regulated by ASIC under the AFSL No 417482.
  • IronFX Global (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd is authorized by the Financial Services Board (FSP No 45276)
  • IronFX Global NZ Limited is authorized and regulated by FSP (FSP no. 298966)
  • IronFX Global (Russia) LLC is a member of CRFIN under the Membership no. A-8
  • IronFX Global (Ukraine) LLC is a member of UCRFIN (Membership no. 5)
  • IronFX Global Limited is authorized and regulated by CySEC (License no. 125/10)
  • IronFX Global Limited is a member of Eurex Exchange

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Why IronFX?

We provide fifteen proprietary trading platforms, fully integrated with one another using our unique "One Account, Fifteen Platforms" trading functionality.

Joining IronFX Global can be done in just 3 simple steps! Experience a custom trading environment as well as award-winning trading execution with best-of-market spreads on more than 200 trading instruments, starting from just 0 pips. Gain direct access and trade through 15 market-leading trading platforms: the tailored IronFX MT4 and MT5 Trader for PC and Mac, the IronFX Personal Multi-Account Manager (PMAM) the IronFX MultiTerminal and the web -based social trading platform.

For those on the go without access to the internet, our live operators are standing by to help you place orders or even give you an update on the markets.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • Best-of-market spreads from 0 pips.
  • Instant execution with no slippage or delay.
  • In-House developed ' One Account, Fifteen Platforms' trading functionality.
  • Over 200 trading instruments to trade Forex, CFDs on shares, commodities and spot metals.
  • Solid foundation. Since 1972.

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Account Features

The types of accounts  
Minimum deposit  
Trading hours 24 hours
Deposit methods Credit Card, Wire Transfer

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Company Profile

About IronFX

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City Index   |   About City Index   |    Why City Index?   |    Account Features   |    Company Profile

City Index

City Index is a leading spread betting and CFD provider, offering competitive spread and margin access on thousands of markets. We are committed to providing a market-leading client services, transparent prices and innovative technology.

About City Index

City Index is one of the world leaders in spread betting (UK) and CFD trading. Established in the UK in 1983, we have grown to become leading providers of contracts for difference, FX and spread betting over the past 30 years. City Index is part of IPGL – a privately owned company with substantial shareholding in the world's leading derivatives broker ICAP plc.

Our offices

As a group we have over 400 employees worldwide and offices in the UK, Poland, Singapore, China, Israel and Australia. We transact in excess of 2 million trades every month for individuals in over 50 countries worldwide.

Our markets

We provide consistently competitive spreads and access to thousands of markets worldwide including indices, shares, currencies, commodities, bonds, interest rates and more. At City Index we are committed to providing a market-leading service based on fair and transparent prices, accessible technology and customer support.

Innovative technology

Our innovative trading platform enables you to spread bet and trade CFDs from a single platform. Our commitment to innovate and lead prompted us to launch City Trading™ – the first downloadable spread betting and CFD trading app for the iPhone™ in 2009.

Our history

Over almost 30 years, City Index has grown to become one of the world's leading providers of contracts for difference, forex and - in the UK - spread betting.

  • 1983: Established as one of the UK's first spread betting providers
  • 2001: Launched Contracts for Difference in the UK
  • 2006: Acquired FX broker IFX Markets, and spread betting provider Finspreads.com to consolidate our position as one of the market leaders
  • 2006: Opened offices in Sydney, Singapore and Shanghai serving clients across the Asia Pacific region
  • 2008: Acquired FX Solutions, a US market leader in retail and white label foreign exchange services to expand our global reach across the USA and into the Middle East
  • 2009: Launched the City Index App (formerly known as City Trading™) – the first spread betting and CFD trading App for the iPhone™

Our awards

We've won numerous awards over the years for our CFD and FX trading services as well as product innovation, reinforcing our position as one of the world leaders in CFD trading and margined FX. Here's a selection of our latest awards:

  • 2014: Forex Provider of the Year - UK Forex
  • 2014: Best Trading Platform - UK Forex
  • 2014: Best Spread Betting Service – Shares Magazine
  • 2014: Best Mobile & Tablet Trading App - Shares Magazine
  • 2013: Best Forex Mobile Phone & Tablet App - UK Forex
  • 2013: Best Mobile & Tablet Trading App - Shares Magazine
  • 2013: Best Use of Social Media – Money AM
  • 2012: Best Spread Betting Company - UK Forex
  • 2012: Best CFD Provider - Shares Magazine
  • 2012: Best CFD Provider - Financial Times and Investors Chronicle
  • 2011: Best Online Trading Application – Shares Magazine
  • 2011: Best Mobile Trading Platform – Money AM
  • 2010: Best Online CFD Provider – Money AM
  • 2010: Best Mobile Trading Platform – Money AM
  • 2011: Best Online Spread Betting Service – Money AM
  • 2010: Innovation of the Year (Mobile) – Financial Times and Investors Chronicle
  • 2009: Best Online CFD Provider – Money AM

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Why City Index?

One of the leading providers of spread betting, CFDs and forex trading in the UK. City Index has over 30 years' experience in the industry.

  • Spread bet, CFDs & forex
  • Thousands of global markets
  • 1 pt spread on FTSE & Wall St†
  • MT4 & auto trading
  • Fixed 1 pip spread on EUR/USD

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Account Features

The types of accounts Plain Account
Minimum deposit to $250
Spread 2.3 points
Leverage 1: 400
Trading hours 24 hours
Deposit methods Credit Card, Wire Transfer

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Company Profile

About City Index

  • Year Founded: 1981
  • Headquarters: Park House, 16 Finsbury Circus, London, EC2M 7EB
  • Customer Service: 00442071077159
  • E-mail: Info@cityindex.co.uk
  • Website: www.cityindex.co.uk
  • Languages deal: Arabic, English, French, Chinese, Spanish

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